The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair Art Show
March 22-23, 2008 • Saturday 10am - 6pm • Sunday 11am - 5pm
Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park at 9th Avenue and Lincoln

A group art show expressing anarchy, community,
self-reliance, resistance, and freedom

Participating Artists

  • Damon's statementGlenn Caley Bachman digital photography
  • Allen Burris found object college
  • Kelly Church acrylic painting
  • Gary Floyd mixed media painting website
  • "Tony Calzone" Garay acrylic painting
  • GregoryP(™) paper mâché sculpture and découpage website
  • Iron Pan willow bark baskets
  • Smilin' Jimmie James hobo stoves
  • Kristine Katalyst collage, poetry
  • Niki Lee drawing website
  • Stephen MacMurray automist drawing
  • America Meredith gouache painting, conceptual art website
  • Mistress Maxine sex workers' activist media whore website
  • Dylan Miner printmaking website
  • Jeremy Olson painting
  • Michael Sheyahshe digital art, drawing website
  • Summer Shuckahosee collage
  • Damon Votour collage




< prints by Dylan Miner

^drawings by Niki Lee

3 jars
^ digital art by Michael Sheyahshe

Hobo Institute
Jimmie James

^Hobo Institute of Technology: willow bark
baskets and fire starter by Iron Pan on left,
hobo stoves by Smilin' Jimmie James on right

Hobo stoves by Smilin' Jimmie James >

hobo fire starter
^ Iron Pan, hobo fire starter
^ collage and poetry by Kristine Katalyst
Fat Jesus
Be Safe
^ pen and ink drawing by Gary Floyd
pen and ink drawing by Gary Floyd >

drove my car
^ collage by Damon Votour
Act, Don't React
^ Print of gouache painting by America Meredith
< animation cells commissioned
by Mistress Maxine
^ paper mâché sculpture and découpage by Gregoryp(™)
^ painting by Jeremy Olson
^ painting by Jeremy Olson
collage by Allen Burris, left; painting by Summer Shuckahosee, right ^
photography by Glenn
Caley Bachman>
acrylic painting by Tony Calzone ^
acrylic painting by Kelly Church >
< automist drawings by Stephen MacMurray ^



  • Bound Together Books
    1369 Haight Street
    San Fra
    ncisco CA 94117
    open 7 days a week, 11.30am-7.30pm

Thanks to Allen Burris, Reid Gómez, Smilin' Jimmie James, David Kimberling, Niki Lee, Laura Lent,
Stephen MacMurry, Jeremy Olson, Slava Osowska, and Damon Votour all your help!

"You cannot buy the Revolution. You cannot make the Revolution.
You can only be the Revolution. It is in your spirit or it is nowhere."
Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed

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