Deliverance: Bike Messenger Art

November 17 - December 17, 2002 - Lo-Fi Customs Gallery, 1776 Mission Street, SF


Featuring the artwork of:

Lo-Fi Customs

^ Eric ponders DKlein's
drawing, "Western"
  • Benji (paper mosaics)
  • Chris Buchanan (pen and ink, mixed media)
  • Brad Fritz (acrylic painting)
  • Tim Giller (platinum photography)
  • Dustin Klein (photography, drawing)
  • Gina Kilpatrick (drawing and oil painting)
  • Sarah Kung (photography)
  • Griffin McPartland (mixed media)
  • America Meredith (egg tempera and acrylic painting)
  • Kyle Shepard (photography)
  • Silver (photography)
  • Damon Votour (collage)

Deliverance opened to a steady stream of bike enthusiasts with a good-sized crowd gathering for the last two hours of the reception. The SFBMA's bummy reputation must have proceeded it because an anonymous donor provided a free table of hors d'oveurs. In addition to plenty-o-beer and monkey bike rides, participants were treated to a mind-boggling array of visual stimulation - the show has hung salon-style - that is to say every available inch of space was crammed with something.

Out of the five messenger arts shows I've been involved with, Deliverance has the highest caliber of work, encouraging considering the fact that for several participating artists, such as Chris Buchanan, this was their first public exhibition in a non-graffiti format.

It's reinvigorating to see people create their art just for the sheer fun of it. Benji, a rider for Special T, exhibited his intricate paper mosaics of animals in nature, created from thousands of hand-painted bits of paper and pulsing with a frenetic energy. Damon's collaborative assemblage piece incorporated messenger IDs dating back to the 80s - revealing Nosmo and Danny Boy with hair!

A recycling ethic permeated that entire show with innovative hanging hardware - Kyle hung with pieces with bike chains; Brad Fritz opted for beer can tabs.

Deliverance will continue through December 17th. Many of the works are available for sale and 10% of all sales goes to the SFBMA.

Carla Laser, John Ross, Georg Schellhorn
^ supportive civilians:
Carla Laser, John Ross, and Georg Schellhorn
Brad Fritz
^The work of Brad Fritz (First Legal)

Deliverance Bike Messenger Art
^ "Untitled (Can)"
acrylic on canvas, $80
Brad Fritz feels passionately
about his subject matter


< "Untitled Mess," photography, drawing, found objects
Griffin McPartland, NFS
including a found death-threat/things-to-do list

Gina Kilpatrick

^ oil painting by Gina Kilpatrick of Expresso

Jim Thorpe, America Meredith
 ^ "From Stockholm with Love," acrylic on masonite, America Meredith, not quite alleycat racing...

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