Sweat: Native American Provocative

A group art show at Max's, 403-1/2 S. Guadalupe, Santa Fe.

Opening reception. Thursday, August 20th, 4-6 pm sharp. Performance, refreshments.


• Marcus Amerman. Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, painting, link.

• Ishkoten Dougi. Jicarilla Apache/Navajo, painting.

• Kelly Church. Odawa/Ojibwe, basketry, link.

• Corey Garcia. Acoma Pueblo, painting.

• America Meredith. Cherokee Nation, acrylic painting, link.

Tammy Rahr. Cayuga, beadwork.

• Monty Singer. Navajo, pastel drawing, link.

• Amanda Schneider. Finnish-German-American, ceramics, link.

• Salomé Starbuck. Tlingit, painting, link.

This show runs from August 17 to September 22.

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LGBTQ-friendly event!