"The relationships of language to experience are essential to understanding Hasinai history and society. The added insights provided by the Hasinai words for objects and actions offer a glimpse into the richness that characterizes their world. The traditional essence of the people is passed from generation to generation through language as well as through genetics."

- Vynola Newkumet and Howard Meredith
Hasinai: A Traditional History of the Caddo Confederacy

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Examples of slight dialectal differences are as follows:

Hasinai Natchitoche Kadohadacho English
note'-tsi na'm-tsi na'-ot-si bear
wah'-dooh ma-do' wa-do wildcat
wah-dut ma'-dat wa'-dat dirt

The ? symbolizes glottal stops - for example the pause between the syllables "uh oh" would read "uh?oh."

Greetings and Basic Phrases
 Kúha?ahat? : hello  ha?ahat ts'i? ahya?ti?! : Good morning
 Nàawih! : Welcome!  Háht'aybáws ah. : It's good to see you.
 Sisímbak'ihah? : What is your name?  Kúmbak'ihah ___. : My name is ___.
 Díi dikat da?ah? : What is this? Díi ___ da? ah. : This is a ___.
 Náh sídímbak'ihah? : What is that called?  Díi ___ say? ah? : Is this a __?
 aháy : yes hunna? : no
núkkah : I don't know háwwih : thank you

wísts'i? : one bit : two
dahaw? : three hiwi? : four
díssik'an : five dánkih : six
bíssik'ah : seven dahàwsik'ah : eight
híiwìsik'ah : nine bináy?ah : ten

miyu? : cat dìitsi? : dog
nu? : turkey da? : deer
táshah : wolf, coyote ut : raccoon
wihit : skunk iwi? : eagle

hakáayuh : white hadikuh : black
banushah : blue hatinu? : red
hak'aykuh : yellow hasik'uh : green
hakuunu? : brown dakánk'uh : purple

kapíi : coffee
kùukuh : water
tsúutsuh : milk dáshkatti?ti : cracker, cookie
dáshkat kayust'uh : frybread kisi? : corn
i? : potato na?ah : grapes
nidimbin : jerky, poundmeat widish : salt


Kúsinah : That's enough!

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