Kanutche Dogs:

Contemporary Cherokee Art at Firegod Gallery

Sean Ross

Eastern Band Cherokee

Sean Ross

My ambition is to develop a deeper, more emotional vision to the images I create. As an indigenous artist, my works will always be associated as Indigenous art, regardless of the content. And my images are very much about the Native culture; however, in the visions I create I have chosen to depict the culture in a manner wiped clean of the iconic mysticism that is always seemingly associated with “Indian Art”. I want the images to reflect the commentary of actual experiences on the Reservation, but I also aspire to build them in a manner that is universal, with a vision any viewer can readily relate or connect to. In my efforts to achieve these visions, I have chosen to construct the imagery with a fusion of varying formal styles and approaches. My compositions have moved away from some of the Romantic elements I have become known for and have evolved into a style that’s become simplified and quite minimal in terms of compositional elements, line-work and color usage.



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